Amendment 1: Homestead Exemption

The Florida Legislature placed Amendment 1 on the 2018 general election ballot. If approved by the voters, it will expand the homestead exemption and shift the burden to other taxpayers. 

To help members effectively educate citizens on the potential impacts of this amendment, we have created some tools, including talking points, a PowerPoint presentation and an educational video, to assist in this effort. 

Talking Points

Amendment 1 Picks Winners and Losers
With Amendment 1, most benefits go to only a handful of homeowners. That's not fair. Florida's tax system should work for all homeowners, across the board-not just a few.

Amendment 1 Means Higher Taxes for Millions of Floridians
Amendment 1 isn't what it seems. The politicians call it a tax break, but it's really a tax SHIFT that will leave millions of hardworking homeowners with a bigger share of the property tax burden.

Amendment 1 Doesn't Fix Florida's Tax System -- It Makes it Worse
Florida's property tax system is a complicated mess and Amendment 1 makes it worse, more complicated and less fair-shifting a bigger burden onto small business owners, manufacturers and working families.

A complete Amendment 1 Toolkit, which includes talking points, tips and sample materials, is available for download to the right.

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