Safe Cities, Safe Florida 

Local Leaders Building Safer Communities

Message from President Haynie

Florida is a smorgasbord. Its cities are as varied as the issues with which we deal. Yet, when we come together to learn from and share with one another, we discover we have more in common than ever. Specifically, we each have a commitment to bettering the lives of the men, women, and children who live, work and play in our 412 municipalities.

And that is the focus of my initiative, "Safe Cities, Safe Florida." As an organization, I believe the League should strengthen each city’s ability to prevent, neutralize and respond to threats. This initiative will provide city governments and municipal stakeholders with training and resources to better service their residents in times of crisis. It will share best practices for building strong partnerships with agencies and organizations in the areas of incident management, health and safety, crisis communication and interagency coordination.

Regardless of the issues we face, we can work together to create safer communities for all of Florida.


The Honorable Susan Haynie
President, Florida League of Cities
Mayor, City of Boca Raton


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To help member governments respond to and mitigate challenges associated with public safety, the FLC will offer a series of online and face-to-face trainings, including a spring summit series on community risk assessment and response as well as an active shooter workshop in partnership with the FBI.

The FLC will strengthen relationships with a variety of governmental, social and civic organizations to leverage existing expertise and resources to ensure cities are better prepared to respond to public safety threats. These partners will include, but are not limited to: federal and state agencies for law enforcement, consumer protection, policy making and public health; social services agencies like the Red Cross and Volunteer Florida; county, school board and special district governments especially with regard to law enforcement, emergency response and overall service delivery; FLC Risk Control personnel, local/regional Leagues and others.

The FLC will conduct a public opinion poll regarding municipal safety. The results will inform the development of best practices for municipal public safety efforts. An online portal will house aggregate resources provided by key partnerships and training. A tool kit will be prepared for members that includes information on planning, preparation, response and public communication strategies. In addition, informative articles and city safety programs will be featured in the Quality Cities magazine throughout the year. 

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