2017-18 President's Priority - Let Cities Work! 


Message from President Ziffer 
Sometimes Florida’s cities find themselves at odds with the state Legislature over the principle of Home Rule. That cherished concept, supported by an overwhelming majority of Florida’s citizens, reflects the view that the closer government is to the people, the more effective, fair and responsive it will be. Over this past year, we have seen a very different approach taking hold in the Legislature. Lawmakers repeatedly considered the role of local authority, trying to shift many hometown responsibilities to the state.

As president of the Florida League of Cities for the next year, I say let Florida’s cities work. Let cities work to develop innovative responses to problems affecting our communities. Let them work to deliver the services their residents depend on, to create an environment for economic development and prosperity, to serve and protect every resident and valued visitor. Let them work to preserve the unique qualities that make each of our communities special. One-size-fits-all solutions proposed by the Legislature will not fix or help our neighborhoods meet their challenges and opportunities. Let cities work together, through the Florida League of Cities, to stand up for the right of our communities to determine their own destinies.


The Honorable Gil Ziffer

President, Florida League of Cities
Mayor Pro Tem, City of Tallahassee

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