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OPPOSE CS/SB 1000 & CS/HB 693 - Support Municipal Efforts to Deploy Telecommunications Infrastructure

COMMUNICATIONS SERVICESThe Florida League of Cities calls on the Florida Legislature to stop efforts to further strip cities of the ability to regulate the placement of communications equipment on city property and in public rights-of-way. Access Issue Brief

Key Points

  • Don’t undermine progress. It’s been less than two years since the Legislature passed its comprehensive takeover of municipal rights-of-way relating to wireless infrastructure. Cities are diligently working with industry representatives to implement that law. Changing the rules now will only set back progress.
  • New poles should not be automatically allowed. Cities are purposely limiting potential projectile in our hurricane-prone communities by moving utility lines underground. Existing law recognizes this and allows cities to negotiate placement of telecommunications equipment accordingly. Undoing this consideration flies in the face of existing, and expensive, efforts to protect residents and keep services connected.
  • “Fast passing” one utility over another is simply not fair. Allowing communications services providers to go to the front of the line in the permit process means other utility providers, such as electric or wastewater, lose out. Public officials should prioritize what communities need, not what special interests want.
  • The intent for wireless deployment has not changed. Why should the law? Two years ago, the stated goal of the industry was to expedite small cell wireless infrastructure in communities across the state. Cities are doing their part and doing it successfully. It’s time for the Legislature to support that progress.
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Examples of 5G Poles & Equipment in Florida Cities

  • Ft Lauderdale Car Accident
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