Community Redevelopment Agencies

Support Economic Development - Protect the Existence and Creation of Community Redevelopment Agencies

CRAsCRAs are critical to Florida’s economy, safety and quality of life. Preserve this vital tool. The Florida League of Cities calls on the Florida Legislature to protect a city’s right to use community redevelopment agencies to upgrade infrastructure, create jobs, strengthen public safety and build community. Access Issue Brief

Key Points

  • CRAs are uniquely local. The conditions of blight look different from community to community. CRAs give cities the flexibility they need to implement uniquely local solutions.
  • CRAs improve communities without additional taxes. CRAs improve communities without additional taxes. CRAs reinvest local property taxes from a designated area back into that same area, solving local challenges with local dollars.
  • CRAs promote stability. CRAs develop long-term plans that are compatible with an area’s comprehensive plans. Businesses are, therefore, more confident in their decision to relocate or invest in the area.
  • CRAs operate with transparency. Currently, CRAs report annually to state and local government on their activities, budget and administration. They are required to complete five annual reports. Any new investments must conform to the redevelopment plan.

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