Transportation & Intergovernmental Relations

This committee addresses municipal concerns relating to transportation and highway safety, as well as aviation, affordable housing (and homelessness), billboards, building codes, charter schools, rights-of-way and veterans affairs.


Priority Issues, 2016-2017

transportation funding

Transportation Funding

The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS legislation that provides alternative revenue sources and enhanced transit funding for local government.

utility relocation


The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS legislation that allows first responders to use drone technology to save lives and protect people and property. In addition, such legislation should allow municipalities to continue to apply generally applicable law to regulate drone technology to ensure public safety and retain quality of life while protecting civil liberty. 

Wireless Communications Infrastructure

Wireless Communications Infrastructure

The Florida League of Cities OPPOSES efforts to strip cities of the ability to regulate the placement of unsightly and potentially unsafe wireless communications equipment on city property, in city rights of way. 


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Committee Contacts

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Chair: Tony Ortiz
Commissioner, City of Orlando
Vice-chair: Linda Yates
Mayor, City of North Port
FLC Contact: Megan Sirjane-Samples
Legislative Advocate
(850) 222-9684 ext. 3655
FLC Staff Assistant: Tara Taggart 

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