Symposium Presentation Archive 

August 2019: Rethinking Homelessness - Formula for Transformational Solutions

November 2018: Reassessing Recycling: Balancing Market Challenges and Citizen Expectations 

August 2018: Disruptive Technology: Impacts on Local Government

December 2017: Ready & Resilient: Combating Water Hazards in an Era of Extreme Weather

August 2017: Medical Marijuana and Your City: Facts, Fiction & Moving Forward

December 2016: The Zika Battle: A Collaborative Approach

August 2016: Harnessing the Power of Local Entrepreneurial Energy & Cutting-Edge Technologies - Transforming Your Community Through Collaboration
November 2015: Homelessness & Affordable Housing in the State of Florida
August 2015: Planes, Trains, Ports & Highways -- What Keeps Florida Moving?
November 2014
August 2014: Building a Bridge from the Classroom to City Hall
November 2013: New Developments in Municipal Finance and Special Assessments
August 2013: Innovative Technologies