Leadership, Governing & Public Engagement (On Demand)

Leadership Lessons with Pres. Susan Haynie (Slides)
Broadcast August 10, 2017

Conflicts with Personnel: Professional, not Personal (Slides)
Broadcast July 6, 2017
The Arts, Cultural Tourism & Economic Development (Slides)
Broadcast June 22, 2017

Responding in a Public Safety Crisis: what public opinion tells us (Slides)
Part of #InspiringLeaders with Dr. Scott Paine
Provided by #SafeCitiesFL

Broadcast June 8, 2017

Leadership: Against All Odds (Slides)
#InspiringLeaders with Dr. Scott Paine
Broadcast May 11, 2017

Social Media Use & Ethics Law (Slides)
Broadcast April 13, 2017

Public Opinion: Taking Control of Your City's Messaging (Slides)
Broadcast March 9, 2017

Leadership - Leading People, Managing Work (Slides)
#InspiringLeaders with Dr. Scott Paine
Broadcast February 9, 2017

Ethics: Voting Conflicts (Slides)
Broadcast January 12, 2017

Leadership in Times of Transition (Slides)
Broadcast November 10, 2016

Ethics & the Resurgence of Real Estate Development (Slides)
Broadcast October 20, 2016

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