Florida League of Cities

The Florida League of Cities is proud to share this comprehensive Advocacy Toolkit for elected officials.

Whether you’re a newly elected official or you’ve been in office for a number of years, The Advo-Kit advocacy toolkit from the Florida League of Cities has something for every local leader to help make your advocacy even more successful.

New to office? The Advo-Kit has sections explaining the importance of Home Rule and examples of legislation that impact your community, as well as information on contacting your legislators, crafting your message and building relationships with legislators.

For those officials already experienced in advocating, The Advo-Kit has resources for you too, such as working with the media to spread your message and suggestions on media outlets to follow, as well as reminders on how to properly testify in front of legislative committees and keys to lobbying in person, virtually or via email.

Let The Advo-Kit help to ensure your advocacy is as successful and impactful as possible.