Utilities, Natural Resources & Public Works

This committee addresses policies specific to municipal concerns with coastal management, energy, environmental and wetlands permitting, hazardous and toxic wastes, recycling, solid waste collection and disposal, stormwater, wastewater treatment and reuse, water management, water quality and quantity.

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Water Supply & Water Quality

The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS legislation to address the state’s critical water resource and water quality deficiencies to mitigate the negative economic impact of these deficiencies through priority corrective actions and funding. The legislation should include:

  • establishment of a dedicated and recurring source of state funding to meet current and projected local government water supply and water infrastructure needs; 
  • annual assessment by the State of the state, regional and local water resource and water quality infrastructure improvement needs; and
  • development of regional plans to prioritize actions and schedules for addressing integrated water quality and water supply needs based on objective criteria.

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Chair: Helen Miller
Councilmember, Town of White Springs 
Vice-chair: Vacant

FLC Contact: Rebecca O'Hara
Deputy General Counsel
(850) 339-6211 

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