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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Infrastructure (Oppose – Mandate)

CS/SB 7018 (Infrastructure and Security) and HB 1239 (Diamond) require the Public Service Commission (PSC), in coordination with the Department of Transportation and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, to develop and recommend a plan for the development of electric vehicle charging station infrastructure along the State Highway System. The plan must include recommendations for legislation and may include other recommendations as determined by the PSC. The bills require the recommended plan to be developed and submitted to the Governor, the Senate President, and the House Speaker by July 1, 2021. CS/SB 7018 was amended in committee to expand the shot clock and “deemed approved” requirements to permit applications for all utilities in the right of way. The bill would also allow agricultural property owners who have granted a conservation easement over their property to unilaterally encumber the conservation easement by allowing the use of the land for a linear facility and related appurtenances. (Branch, O’Hara)