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Home Rule + Civics Education


Local voices making local choices. Self-government. Citizen-centered solutions. The flexibility to address unique local needs with local solutions. It's what Home Rule is all about. 

Since 1968, Floridians have recognized the need for cities to have Home Rule powers. It is included in our state's Constitution (Article VIII, Section 2(b)) and was implemented by the Legislature in 1973. Home Rule is a cherished concept, supported by an overwhelming majority of Florida citizens. It is the foundation for local governments as they create fair, effective and responsive policies for their communities. 

The resources below are designed to educate citizens about Home Rule and how Florida's cities work.

"Getting to Know Your Florida Cities" DVD

This training tool has been developed to help citizens, the media, civic organizations, schools and others learn more about municipal governments in the Sunshine State.

The DVD is provided to cities, schools and newly elected officials. It also is available to print and television media personnel throughout the state. Each chapter can stand alone, or it may be used with the rest of the DVD material for a "full course" on municipal government.

  • Chapter 1: What is a city in Florida?
  • Chapter 2: What are city powers and responsibilities?
  • Chapter 3: What services do cities provide?
  • Chapter 4: What are key city positions?
  • Chapter 5: What funds are used in a city budget?
  • Chapter 6: What are intergovernmental relationships?
  • Chapter 7: What are the unique characteristics of Florida cities?
  • Chapter 8: Learn more about Florida cities.

Contact Sharon Berrian to request a copy of the DVD.