Constitution Revision Commission

The 2017-2018 Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) is the third of its kind in state history. Members of the commission have been appointed and meeting dates have been announced. The League has created a roster of members including photos and biographies. Meet the 2017-18 CRC  

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Members are assigned to separate committees that discuss specific policy issues. Click here to view the complete committee rosters. 

Click here to view a list of Proposals with Municipal Impact. Upcoming and past meeting dates are available on the CRC website

Proposals of Municipal Interest Supported by FLC

CRC Proposal 61, Process to Restrict Municipal Home Rule Powers
Proposal: Municipal Home Rule, Article VIII, Fla. Const., Section 2(b)
Sponsor: Commissioner Smith 
LOCAL GOVERNMENT, Municipalities; Section 2 of Article VIII of the State Constitution to provide that any law enacted by the Legislature that restricts the home rule powers granted to municipalities must meet certain criteria.

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CRC Proposal 92, Process to Impose Unfunded State Mandate 
Proposal: Unfunded State Mandates, Article VII, Fla. Const., Section 18 
Sponsor: Commissioner Solari 
FINANCE AND TAXATION, Laws requiring counties or municipalities to spend funds or limiting their ability to raise revenue or receive state tax revenue; Section 18 of Article VII of the State Constitution to revise and specify certain conditions required to be met before the Legislature may enact a law requiring a county or a municipality to spend funds, reducing the authority of a county or a municipality to raise revenue, or reducing the amount of state tax revenue that may be received by a county or a municipality.

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