Fiscal Resources, Human Resources & Service Delivery (On Demand)

That’s a WRAP: Florida’s Program to Boost Plastic Film Recycling
Broadcast December 4, 2018

ADA Compliant Websites (Slides; Add'l resources)
Broadcast October 25, 2018

What’s Next? NEXTDOOR! (Slides)
Broadcast August  9, 2018

Resiliency & Vulnerability Assessments: How Understanding Your Community Risks Improves Decision-Making
Broadcast July, 31, 2018

Cooperative Purchasing: Benefits to Your City (Slides)
Broadcast May 16, 2018

Septic to Sewer: Getting There from Here (Slides)
Septic to Sewer Guidance Document (JonesEdmunds)
Broadcast March 14, 2018

Marketing Your City with Municipal Web Design (Slides)
Broadcast February 20, 2018

What Floridians are Thinking: Results from the 2017 Sunshine State Survey (Slides)
Broadcast December 14, 2017

Turning Trash Into Treasure: The Fiscal Benefits of Recycling (Slides)
Broadcast November 1, 2017

Complete Streets and Context Classification (Slides)
Broadcast October 18, 2017

Performance Measurement: What is Benchmarking & Why is it Important? (Slides)
Broadcast October 4, 2017

Presenting Budget Requests to the Public (Slides)
Broadcast August 8, 2017
   -Plymouth, MN
   -Roundrock, TX
   -Arlington, TX
   -Leon County, FL

Preventing Hostile Workplaces (Slides)
Broadcast July 25, 2017

Active Shooter Awareness in partnership with the FBI
(Slides) (Run, Hide, Fight Video)
Broadcast July 19, 2017

Conflicts with Personnel: Professional, Not Personal (Slides)
Broadcast July 6, 2017

Presenting Budget Requests: Innovative Ideas that Work (Slides)
Broadcast May 16, 2017

Emergency Management 101 (SlidesPart of #SafeCitiesFL
-- Joplin, MO Video 
-- Establishing a Deductible for FEMA's Public Assistance Program
-- Regional Training Calendar from
Broadcast February 23, 2017

Medical Marijuana: Municipalities as Employers (Access the Portal for More
Part of #SafeCitiesFL
Broadcast February 3, 2017

Enhancing Municipal Service Delivery with AmeriCorps Funding (Slides) 
Part of #SafeCitiesFL
Broadcast February 2, 2017

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