Leadership, Governing & Public Engagement (On Demand)

Medical Marijuana: Past, Present, Future (Slides)
Broadcast June 13, 2019

The Use of Social Media in Emergency Communications (Slides)
Broadcast May 23, 2019

Using Technology to Enhance Citizen Communication (Slides)
Broadcast November 27, 2018

Attorney for Whom? Attorney/Client Privilege in Municipal Government (Slides)
Broadcast November 13, 2018

ADA Compliant Websites (SlidesAdd'l resources)
Broadcast October 25, 2018

Constitutions & Your Citizens: Making the Connection (Slides)
Broadcast September 27, 2018

Speaking with Citizens About Home Rule
Broadcast September 11, 2018

When Ethics Laws are Broken (Slides)
Broadcast July 10, 2018

Sustainability & Resilience Planning for Local Governments: The Quadruple Bottom Line Strategy (Slides)
Broadcast June 28, 2018

False Perceptions & Public Leadership (Slides)
Broadcast June 15, 2018

Social Media: Pros & Cons of Multiple Platforms (Slides)
Broadcast: May 10, 2018

Planning Memorable Events to Celebrate #FLCityWeek (Slides)
Broadcast May 2, 2018

How to Start and Maintain Youth Councils (Slides)
-Notes from Becky Heimstead
-Sample Application (Sanford)
Broadcast April 18, 2018

Sexual Harassment and Ethics(Slides)
Broadcast April 12, 2018

Public Opinion: MSD Shooting & Gun Control (Slides)
Broadcast March 8, 2018

Marketing Your City with Municipal Web Design (Slides)
Broadcast February 20, 2018

What's Hot, What's Not: 8 Trends for 2018 (Slides)
Broadcast February 8, 2018

Municipal Ethics: The Give & Take of Gifts (Slides)
Broadcast January 11, 2018

What Floridians are Thinking: Results from the 2017 Sunshine State Survey (Slides)
Broadcast December 14, 2017

Redesigning Public Engagement (Slides)
Broadcast December 5, 2017

Discovering Leadership with Dr. Scott Paine
Broadcast November 9, 2017

Shedding Light on Public Meetings Law (Slides)
Broadcast October 12, 2017

Performance Measurement: what is benchmarking & why is it important? 
Broadcast October 4, 2017

Strengthening Relationships with the Media (Slides)
Broadcast September 28, 2017

Leadership Lessons with Pres. Susan Haynie (Slides)
Broadcast August 10, 2017

Conflicts with Personnel: Professional, not Personal (Slides)
Broadcast July 6, 2017
The Arts, Cultural Tourism & Economic Development (Slides)
Broadcast June 22, 2017

Responding in a Public Safety Crisis: What Public Opinion Tells Us (Slides)
Part of #InspiringLeaders with Dr. Scott Paine
Provided by #SafeCitiesFL

Broadcast June 8, 2017

Leadership: Against All Odds (Slides)
#InspiringLeaders with Dr. Scott Paine
Broadcast May 11, 2017

Social Media Use & Ethics Law (Slides)
Broadcast April 13, 2017

Public Opinion: Taking Control of Your City's Messaging (Slides)
Broadcast March 9, 2017

Leadership - Leading People, Managing Work (Slides)
#InspiringLeaders with Dr. Scott Paine
Broadcast February 9, 2017

Ethics: Voting Conflicts (Slides)
Broadcast January 12, 2017

Leadership in Times of Transition (Slides)
Broadcast November 10, 2016

Ethics & the Resurgence of Real Estate Development (Slides)
Broadcast October 20, 2016

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