Florida League of Cities

A Board of Trustees, comprised of elected officials who actively participate in the Trust, governs the FMIvT.

In addition, an Investment Advisory Committee meets regularly with the Administrator to assist and consult on issues regarding the Trust. The Committee is made up of finance directors from throughout the state and past presidents of the Florida Governmental Finance Officers Association (FGFOA).

The Florida Municipal Investment Trust, administered by the Florida League of Cities, Inc., is an interlocal governmental entity created under the laws of the State of Florida. The FMIVT is an Authorized Investment under Sec. 163.01 Florida Statutes.

Investment Guidelines & Informational Statements

Fixed income, equity and core real estate portfolios.  

FMIvT Performance & Holding Reports

Performance returns and holding reports from current and recent years.  

FMIvT Audit & GASB Information

CAFRs, audits, GASB 40 and 72 updates from current and recent years