Florida League of Cities

The Florida Municipal Loan Council’s Bank Loan Program assists municipal issuers with obtaining long-term financing.

The program includes a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process for soliciting banks that are interested in providing financing for new projects and/or loan/bond refinancings.  

Some advantages of the program include:

  • Assistance with the identification of interested lenders. 
  • Competitive solicitation to ensure best pricing. 
  • No bond insurance needed.
  • Flexible payment schedules with amortizations designed to meet borrower’s needs.
  • Lower upfront costs of issuance as there is no public offering (no official statement, no ratings fees).
  • Tax-exempt and taxable financing available.
  • Quick completion – entities do not have to be pooled with other borrowers.

The FMLC, together with its financial advisor and bond counsel, will assist borrowers through the closing of the loan with administrative services including obtaining rate quotes, drafting of loan documents, and drafting of resolutions/ordinances. Learn More

For more information, please contact Rodney Walton at 850.701.3620. 

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