Florida League of Cities

The Florida Municipal Loan Council allows cities, counties and other governmental entities to finance projects on a cooperative, cost-effective basis to benefit from economies of scale associated with larger financings.



The FMLC was created in December 1998 through an interlocal agreement and is governed by a Board of Directors of up to seven elected public officials. This program was created by local government for local government. Local officials can trust that there is no procurement process needed for this program.

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About FMLC

FMLC Board of Directors, organizational structure, financial advisors and other professional partners. 

Bond Issue Program

This program was established in response to numerous requests from small and medium size cities.  

Bank Loan Program

The Bank Loans Program assists municipal issuers with obtaining long-term financing. 

Investor Relations

Electronic Municipal Market Access website, for tools, resources and data on current market activity.