Florida League of Cities

Begun in 2009, the Florida Municipal Achievement Awards program provides Florida’s cities with an opportunity to receive recognition for superior and innovative efforts in three categories: City Spirit Award, Florida Citizenship Award and Environmental Stewardship Award.


The Florida League of Cities is pleased to announce the 14th annual Florida Municipal Achievement Awards Program. Municipalities may submit nominations in the following categories:

  • City Spirit - This award will be given to a city for a specific, single citywide effort to address a local need successfully.
  • Florida Citizenship Award - This award focuses on city projects or programs that build more vital, participative residents. The programs increase civic awareness, education
    and knowledge, and promote active participation among residents. The initiatives can be for adults or youth.
  • Environmental Stewardship - This award focuses on city programs that promote conservation, improve and protect environmental conditions or provide environmental education and outreach programs within your city.

Nominations must be postmarked by Friday, April 15, 2022. View Brochure 

The City Spirit Award recognizes a specific citywide effort that successfully addresses a local need. The City of Boca Raton’s winning entry, StoryWalk Program, was launched during the coronavirus pandemic to provide a safe outdoor activity for residents that simultaneously provided the library’s educational and literary programming. A collaborative effort between the City of Boca Raton Public Library and the Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management Department, the StoryWalk Program places a children’s book along a popular walking route in the community. Pages of the book are featured in enclosures mounted on posts spread throughout the entire walking route. By the time participants finish the route, they’ve completed the book. Boca Raton has experienced tremendous success with the new program and plans to continue providing it for the community.

The Florida Citizenship Award recognizes a city project or program that increases civic awareness and education and promotes active participation in local government among residents. This year’s award is presented to the City of Clearwater for its Placemaking Program, a citywide initiative that engages the community in a series of public art projects. The City launched the program with the goals of providing opportunities for community members to work together; increasing citizen engagement; building relationships between city staff and residents; offering equitable and inclusive opportunities for participation; and engaging directly with residents and community organizations while beautifying public spaces. Some of the public art projects offered through the City’s Placemaking Program include Paint the Pavement, Signal Box Art, Sidewalk Rain Art, Storm Drain Murals, Sidewalk Poetry and Little Free Libraries. With dozens upon dozens of public art projects completed by hundreds of participants, the program’s success has exceeded the City’s expectations.

The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes a city program that promotes conservation, improves and protects environmental conditions, and/or provides environmental education and outreach programs. This year’s award is presented to the City of Jacksonville Beach for its #CleanDarkFlat Campaign, a public awareness campaign aimed at protecting sea turtles during the 2020 nesting season. Launched in partnership with Beaches Energy Services, a local municipal utility, the campaign highlights the importance of keeping beaches clean of any litter or trash, dark without any light at night and flat without any holes. This allows the sea turtles to safely and successfully make it from their nest to the ocean. The campaign’s primary objectives included raising awareness of sea turtle nesting season; educating residents on safety practices to protect nesting sea turtles; engaging local business to promote the campaign; and actively engaging the community at large in local efforts to protect nesting sea turtles. The campaign contributed to the success of the 2020 nesting season, which saw no sea turtle deaths on the City’s beaches. Jacksonville Beach plans on continuing the campaign for the 2021 nesting season.

All three winning cities will receive a trophy and be featured in the League’s award-winning magazine, Quality Cities, as well as on the League’s website and social media outlets.

Contact Eryn Russell for more information.