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Technical Assistance

Telecommunication Cost-Reduction Program

Our team provides a complete review and analysis of your city’s current telecom situation/network to identify cost-saving opportunities.  The program seeks to identify less costly service options for the city that still deliver the quality and service your employees have come to expect. View Program Flyer

Contact Rodney Walton at 850.701.3620 to learn more. 

Collection of Delinquent Local Business Tax from Insurance Companies

The disbursement of delinquent and escaped local business taxes collected from insurance companies has added a significant amount of revenue to many Florida cities. The Delinquent Local Business Tax Collection Program (formerly the Delinquent Occupational License Tax Collection Program), created by the League in 1951, provides and additional source of revenue to participating members.

Through its consulting agency, the League researches and initiates collection procedures for unpaid local business taxes from insurance companies. Program participants receive 50 percent of the collection. They can add these companies to their current list in order to receive 100 percent of future collections. In many instances, the amount returned to the city exceeds the amount that city paid for dues to the Florida League of Cities. 
Contact Rodney Walton at 850.701.3620 to learn more.