Florida League of Cities

With more than 400 cities, towns and villages in Florida, Florida cities are as diverse in geography, population and culture as the residents that call them home. 


Florida's cities, towns and villages are the centers of economic, social and cultural energy that enhance the quality of life enjoyed by Floridians.  

Municipalities were created because of the self-determination of their residents. Most often, the cities’ founders wanted increased, better-quality services and local control of how they were being governed. The services a city provides are determined by the desires and needs of citizens through community engagement and input. 
More than 50 years ago, Floridians voted to include municipal Home Rule powers in the Constitution. Home Rule gives each city the flexibility to craft its laws specifically to its own unique needs. This is the embodiment of the League’s mission, local voices making local choices. 

The resources below are designed to educate citizens about Home Rule and how Florida's cities work.

Civics Education Resources