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FMIvT Membership Resources

1) AMEND ORDINANCE/POLICY (if necessary). Some local governments may need to amend their investment policies or ordinances in order to become a member of the Florida Municipal Investment Trust.

2) APPROVE RESOLUTION. See the linked "Model Resolution."

3) COMPLETE APPLICATION FORMS. (Click each of the following items to download)

Membership Application, Participation Agreement, Signature Card and Resolution are submitted to the Administrator for approval. Entity must fill out a separate Membership Application and Signature Card for each portfolio in which it wishes to become a Member.

4) TRANSFER FUNDS. After becoming a member of the Trust, contributions can be remitted by wire transfer through the Federal Reserve or via ACH. Forms are available below. contact Kathy Sexton at 800.616.1513, ext. 3628 if you have any questions. 

iPAS FMIvT Participants can login here to download statements. 

Contribution/Redemption Forms
These forms may be faxed or emailed, however, please follow-up by mailing the signed form to the FLC office (address on form).

Public Records Request