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The Florida League of Cities provides a wide variety of online resources for municipal officials, educators and citizens.  

In addition to the numerous resources organized by topic below, the League also has additional resources available upon request.

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Valuable resources and information relating to the American with Disabilities Act and its impact on the production of municipal content available to the public on digital platforms. View Resources

Citizens’ academies are an excellent way to educate residents, build positive relationships and increase communication between city government officials and citizens, as well as inspire future municipal leaders. View Resources

The Florida League of Cities is working in conjunction with our cities, towns and villages to help share vital information and updates regarding the coronavirus and its impact on the Sunshine State. View Resources

All cities face the risk of permanent damage to their reputation from a sudden, unanticipated crisis. Find tools and resources to identify, manage and transcend any crisis your local government might face. View Resources

Local governments are fast becoming popular targets for cybercriminals, which can wreak havoc for these organizations and the citizens they serve. Learn more about cyber security and best practices for municipalities. View Resources

Florida has very broad laws related to ethics, public meetings and public records, and many cities have also adopted civility pledges. We’ve compiled resources and other tools to assist elected and appointed officials, employees and volunteers. View Resources

While most schools teach civics education on the federal and state level, local government is often overlooked in the classroom. We’ve compiled a robust collection of resources designed for teachers or city officials who are helping educate the next generation about local government. View Resources

With limited revenue sources available to municipalities, securing funding for important projects is always a top-of-mind issue for Florida's city officials and staff. This page houses resources that catalog extensive lists of grants and other types of funding for cities. View Resources

Local voices making local choices. Home Rule is the constitutionally granted right for all of Florida’s cities to make those local choices. These resources will help you learn more about Home Rule, city government and civic engagement. View Resources

The Florida Legislature amended state statutes in 1999, mandating cities to provide more than $520 million in new, extra pension benefits to police officers and firefighters. We have compiled background information and resources on this topic to help cities navigate these changes. Learn More

Florida League of Cities President Isaac Salver’s initiative, Readers2Leaders, focuses on connecting students to cities through reading and resources designed to be shared by elected officials with schools, libraries, afterschool programs and municipal youth councils. View Resources 

Guidance from federal and state partners, funding and technical assistance opportunities, and sample resources from local governments. View Resources

Designed to answer the most commonly asked questions from getting started to creating an archiving policy, we’ve collected resources to help members navigate these communication outlets and make decisions about what will work best for their city. View Resources 

In July 2017, the Advanced Wireless Implementation Act became effective, establishing a process for wireless providers to place small wireless facilities in municipality or county public rights-of-way. Learn More

Municipal Youth Councils are special citywide councils composed of students from different high schools within the city and typically serve as an advisory board to the city commission/council. Learn more about Youth Councils and the League programs to support them. View Resources