Florida League of Cities

All cities face the very real risk of permanent damage to their reputation from a sudden, unanticipated crisis. 


In this fast-paced, media-driven world, even a minor controversy can quickly escalate into a major crisis. That is why it's critical to be prepared. How you react to a crisis can shape your city's reputation - and future - for years to come.

We've cultivated a wealth of resources and tools to identify, manage and transcend any crisis your local government might face, including past webinars on crisis communication specific to local government. 

We recommend reviewing every section before a crisis actually hits, to familiarize yourself with all aspects of crisis communications before you truly need to master them.

These resources are intended to serve as an online guide to assist your city staff when confronted with a crisis. You should always keep in mind:

  • Your government must communicate accurately, early and often.
  • Your city must move quickly to deal with the situation that has created the crisis.
  • Your staff must always respond in a truthful and legal manner.

In times of crisis or emergency, human life must always take precedence over reputation management, city property and city operations. The residents of your city are your primary concern; always be transparent in your responses and act in their best interest.

After a Crisis

After a crisis has ended, it’s time to assess the impact the event has had on your city and its government. Review what happened and assess whether your city’s reputation has been damaged. If  so, what can be done to repair it?