Florida League of Cities

Ethics (Watch) – FAILED 

HB 7067 (Public Integrity & Ethics Committee) amends various provisions of the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees. The bill updates the conflicting employment or contractual interest provision in the Code by deeming a contractual interest in certain businesses in which a public officer or employee holds an interest to be a contractual interest of such officer or employee. It revises the local government voting conflict law by requiring all affected officers (which would now include elected municipal officers) to disclose conflicts prior to participation in public discussions on such issues. The bill clarifies current law provisions relating to the new mandatory electronic filing requirement for Form 1 financial disclosures. Finally, the bill amends provisions relating to mandatory ethics training by specified public officers and employees by specifying additional course conduct for ethics training, requiring persons completing ethics training to certify completion of such training and the name of the training provider on their annual financial disclosure filing. (O’Hara)