Florida League of Cities

Limitations on Political Contributions (Watch) – PASSED 

CS/CS/HB 921 (Drake) imposes additional restrictions on expenditures by local governments relating to any that is subject to a vote of the electors (e.g., charter amendment or constitutional amendment) and imposes additional restrictions on contributions to political committees relating to proposed constitutional amendments. It prohibits a local government from expending public funds for any communication that is sent to electors concerning an issue that is subject to a vote of the electors. The prohibition applies to any communication initiated by the local government, regardless of whether the communication is limited to factual information. The prohibition does not preclude any of the following: a local government from reporting on official actions of the governing body in an accurate and impartial manner; posting factual information on a government website or in printed materials; hosting and providing information at a public forum; providing factual information in response to an inquiry; or providing information as otherwise authorized or required by law. The bill prohibits direct or indirect contributions or expenditures by a foreign national in connection with any election held in the state. In addition, the bill revises limitations on contributions to political committees that are the sponsor of a constitutional amendment proposed by initiative. Contributions to such political committees by persons who are not Florida residents and by political committees that do not maintain an office within the state are capped at $3,000. The cap applies until the Secretary of State has issued a certificate of ballot position for the proposed amendment. (O’Hara)