Florida League of Cities

Local Government Land Development Actions (Oppose) – FAILED 

CS/HB 739 (Borrero) and SB 1248 (Gruters) specify that a county or municipality must review applications for development permits or orders within 30 days of receiving the application and issue a letter indicating that all required information is submitted or specifying any areas that are deficient. In an attempt to make a more uniform process for future developments, the bills also require that each local government adopt residential infill development standards in its land use regulations by October 1, 2022. The legislation requires local governments to adopt certain guidelines when adopting its residential infill development standards that may preempt existing land use regulations. CS/HB 739 was amended to revise the requirement for local governments to adopt RID standards to only apply to local governments with $10 million or more in total revenue, provides safeguards for water quality standards, and replaces the checklist in the bill as filed with a series of statements that the developer must confirm. (Cruz)