Florida League of Cities

Public Records and Public Meetings/Certain Information Held by a Utility (Support) – FAILED 

SB 1740 (Wright) and CS/CS/HB 1287 (Botana) provide an exemption from public records information related to threat technology and operational technology systems of a utility owned or operated by a unit of local government, including but not limited to plans and actions made or taken in response to a ransomware attack or other cyberattack. CS/CS/HB 1287 was amended to expand the exemption to include insurance information and critical energy infrastructure information to information held by all local governments, not just utilities owned or operated by a local government. The amendment also added a public meeting exemption for portions of a meeting of a local government that would reveal data or information made confidential under the bill. The bills also exempt from public record information related to insurance or other risk mitigation products or coverages, including but not limited to deductible or self-insurance amounts, coverage limits, and policy terms and conditions. (Taggart)