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Advanced Wastewater Treatment (Monitor) – Failed

HB 1153 (Cross) and SB 1304 (Berman) require the Department of Environmental Protection, in consultation with water management districts and wastewater facilities, to submit to the Governor and Legislature reports containing specified information on all sewage disposal facilities with a permitted capacity greater than 1 million gallons per day in the state.  Information required for the report includes but is not limited to: the dates of construction, maintenance or updates; total and actual permitted volume of water treated daily and the current level of treatment and identification of various contaminants present; pollutant loading; disposal methods; impairment status of any receiving waterbodies; implementation status of any basin management action plans; and wastewater spills since 2010. The bills also require the Department to provide a report outlining a priority ranking process to upgrade all facilities in the state to advanced waste treatment by 2035. The bills require the Department to submit, by June 2026, a progress report on the implementation status of such upgrades. (O’Hara)