Florida League of Cities

Beverage Container Deposits (Monitor) – Failed

HB 905 (Woodson) requires dealers and consumers in the state to pay a deposit fee for specified beverage containers. The bill establishes refund values for various beverage containers, as well as deposit fees to be paid by dealers and consumers. It prohibits the establishment of a redemption center unless it is registered with the Department of Environmental Protection. It establishes requirements for redemption centers and authorizes the use of reverse vending machines under certain circumstances. The bill prohibits a dealer from refusing to redeem a container if the dealer sells that type of container unless the container is contaminated or damaged or there is a redemption center located within 1 mile of the dealer’s place of business. It imposes requirements upon deposit beverage dealers and distributors and requires distributors to pay a handling fee to dealers and redemption centers. The bill authorizes municipal and county governments, nonprofit agencies, dealers and individuals to register to operate a redemption center. It prohibits local governments from imposing or collecting any assessment or fee on beverage containers subject to state container deposit requirements. (O’Hara)