Florida League of Cities

Department of Environmental Protection (Monitor) – Passed 

CS/SB 1386 (Calatayud) and CS/CS/HB 1557 (Chaney) amend current law provisions relating to aquatic preserves, resilience, onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems (septic systems) and wastewater treatment facilities. The bills authorize the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to enter and inspect any property (except a private residence) that has a septic system to ascertain compliance with applicable regulations. In addition, the bills require all wastewater treatment facilities to prepare a reuse feasibility study and to implement reuse to the extent feasible. The bills also require wastewater treatment facilities that provide reclaimed water within a basin management action plan area to meet advanced waste treatment standards. The bills direct water management districts and DEP to develop rules to promote reclaimed water and encourage potable water offsets that produce significant water savings. The bills authorize extended permits for permittees that propose a water supply or water resource development project that uses reclaimed water. The bills expand criteria for grant eligibility under the Resilient Florida Grants Program and expand the types of projects that can be submitted by local or regional entities for inclusion in the Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience Plan. In addition, the bills require vulnerability assessments to use data from the Florida Flood Hub that is certified by the Chief Resilience Officer. CS/CS/HB 1557 passed the House (119-0) and the Senate (36-0) and is awaiting action by the Governor. (O’Hara)