Florida League of Cities

Local Government Actions (Monitor SB 1628/Oppose HB 1547) – Passed

CS/CS/SB 1628 (Collins) and CS/HB 1547 (McClure) revise exemptions from the application of SB 170, relating to local ordinances and business impact estimates, passed in the 2023 Legislative Session. CS/CS/SB 1628 eliminates the exemption from the requirement to file a business impact estimate for ordinances relating to a comprehensive plan amendment or land development regulation initiated by a municipality or county. CS/HB 1547 is broader and would eliminate the exemption for comprehensive plan amendments and land development regulations from both the business impact estimate requirement and the suspension of enforcement requirement. CS/CS/SB 1628 has passed the Senate (30-1) and the House (84-30) and is awaiting action by the Governor. (O’Hara)