Florida League of Cities

Public Works Projects (Oppose) – Passed 

CS/SB 742 (Grall) and CS/HB 705 (Shoaf) revise and expand the definition of "public works project" to include an activity that is paid using any local or state-appropriated funds. Under current law, this is defined as any state funds. Of concern to cities, the bills prohibit municipalities that contract for a public works project from requiring a contractor to do the following:

•Pay employees a predetermined amount of wages or prescribe any wage rate

•Provide employees a specified type, amount or rate of employee benefits

•Control, limit or expand staffing

•Recruit, train or hire employees from a designated, restricted or single source.

CS/HB 705 passed the House (80-32) and the Senate (28-12) and is awaiting action by the Governor. (Branch)