Florida League of Cities

Release of Balloons (Support) – Passed

CS/CS/SB 602 (DiCeglie) and CS/HB 321 (Chaney) revise the current law prohibiting the release of certain balloons. SB 602 deletes the specified timeframe and number of balloons subject to the prohibition, making the intentional release of any number of balloons over any timeframe a violation of state law. SB 602 also deletes the current law exemption from the prohibition for certain biodegradable or photodegradable balloons. Both bills provide that a person who violates the statutory prohibition commits the noncriminal infraction of littering, punishable as provided in Section 403.413(6)(a), Florida Statutes. CS/HB 321 passed the House (102-9) and the Senate (38-2) is awaiting action by the Governor. (O’Hara)