Florida League of Cities

Saltwater Intrusion Vulnerability Assessments (Monitor) – Failed

CS/SB 298 (Polsky) authorizes the Department of Environmental Protection to provide grants to coastal counties for saltwater intrusion vulnerability assessments that analyze the effects of saltwater intrusion on a county's water supply, water utility infrastructure, wellfield protection and freshwater supply management. The bill requires the Department to update its comprehensive statewide flood vulnerability and sea level rise data set to include information received from the county saltwater intrusion vulnerability assessments. The bill directs the Department to provide 50% cost-share funding to counties, up to $250,000, for each grant, and exempt counties with a population of 50,000 or less from the cost-share requirement. In addition, the bill includes provisions relating to the Department of Environmental Protection’s approval of a coastal county or municipality’s establishment of coastal construction zoning and building codes in lieu of the Department’s requirements. The bill authorizes a city or county to establish its own requirements if the local government’s coastal zones and codes were approved in writing by the Department on or before December 1, 2023. CS/HB 298 passed the Senate (26-0) and died in House messages. (O'Hara)