Florida League of Cities

Aviation (Monitor) – Failed 

CS/CS/HB 981 (Bankson) and CS/CS/CS/SB 1362 (Harrell) make significant changes to the regulation of private airports, specifically addressing vertiports and powered-lift aircraft. The bill does the following:

Department of Transportation Department (DOT)

•Mandates the DOT to designate a subject matter expert for advanced air mobility, focusing on powered-lift aircraft and electrification of aviation.

•Requires the DOT to provide annual reports to the Governor and Legislature on advanced air mobility industry status, technological advances, federal regulations and recommendations for land use compatibility around vertiports.

•Mandates the DOT to serve as a resource for local governments and stakeholders in powered-lift aircraft and vertiport development.

•Generally prohibits residential construction and educational facilities within a specified buffer zone adjacent to an airport if the airport has not conducted a noise study in order to better define adjacent areas that are incompatible with residential construction and educational facilities.

oAdds an exception to the buffer zone described above in order to allow residential property within the buffer zone of a public-use airport that has as its sole runway a turf runway measuring less than 2,800 feet in length.

Vertiport Approval:

•Requires private airport owners or lessees intending to operate vertiports for powered-lift aircraft to obtain a powered-lift aircraft endorsement from the Department of Transportation (only in CS/CS/HB 981). (Branch)