Florida League of Cities

Special Districts (Monitor) – Passed 

CS/CS/HB 7013 (Persons-Mulicka) and CS/SB 1058 (Hutson) are comprehensive bills dealing with special districts. Of interest to cities, the bills do the following:

•Establish a term limit of 12 years for members of an elected body governing an independent special district, unless the district’s charter provides for more restrictive terms of office. Any term of office that commenced before November 5, 2024, does not count toward the limitation created by the bill. This provision does not apply to the governing body of a community development district or any independent special district created by a special act.

•Add additional criteria for declaring a special district inactive, including Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRA’s).

•Authorize districts that have been declared inactive to expend funds as necessary to service outstanding debt.

•Reduce the maximum ad valorem millage rate that may be levied by a mosquito control district from 10 mills to 1 mill.

•Allow the board of commissioners to increase the special tax to no more than 2 mills on the dollar if approved by a referdendum.

•Require all special districts to adopt goals and objectives, as well as performance measures and standards to determine if those goals and objectives are being achieved. 

•Repeal a provision that allows a special district to convert into a municipality without legislative approval.

•Require each petition to create a community development district to contain a sworn affidavit concerning planned development. 

•Provides that the boundaries of most types of independent special districts may only be changed by an act of the Legislature.

•Require independent special fire control districts to report certain information to the Division of State Fire Marshal. 

•Prohibit the creation of new neighborhood improvement districts (NIDs) after July 1, 2024. (Branch)