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August 2021: Grants for Florida’s Cities: Assistance, Availability and Accountability


  • FLC Grants Assistance Program with eCivis
    Speakers: Chris Holley II, Manager, Research and Innovation, Florida League of Cities and Corey Coll, Sr. Enterprise Account Executive, eCivis
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Resilience, Management, and Restoration
    Speakers: Whitney Gray, Administrator, Florida Resilient Coastlines Program, Holly Edmond, Program Administrator, Florida Coastal Management Program, and Nathan Jagoda, Environmental Specialist III, Division of Water Restoration Assistance
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management – Mitigation and Recovery
    Speakers: Laura Dhuwe, Deputy Bureau Chief of Mitigation and Melissa Shirah, Bureau Chief, Bureau of Recovery
  • Navigating Grants in the Age of CARES and ARPA 
    Speaker: Maria Howeth, Interim Director of Customer Success, eCivis
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