Florida League of Cities

The Bond Issue Program is sponsored and administered by the Florida League of Cities, Inc. The program was established in response to numerous requests from small and medium size cities.


The proceeds from this program can be used for a variety of purposes including capital improvements, renovations, fixed-asset additions or refinancing of existing debt.

By achieving economies of scale, this program offers many advantages to the borrower, including:

  • Fixed-rate financing.
  • Individualized terms up to 30 years.
  • Financing for loan amounts greater than $3 million.
  • Flexible security pledges.
  • Team of professionals (financial advisor, bond counsel, disclosure counsel, arbitrage consultant).
  • Bond Insurance and/or a surety bond may be available.
  • May be pooled with other issuers to reduce costs of issuance.

The Florida League of Cities, as Administrator, handles all the administration, hiring of bond professionals, continuing disclosure, investment of proceeds, and arbitrage rebate calculations.

This program is simple and convenient. Any local government may apply. There is a very simple loan application and the documentation will be held to a minimum in an effort to make it as efficient as possible.
If you are interested in the Program, we can set up a meeting to discuss your individual projects and needs. Please contact Rodney Walton at 850.701.3620 to get details on our next issue or complete an application now.

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